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If you’re looking for how to upload images to your product listings, check out our article about adding products.

Adding images is an easy way to make your custom page pop! 💥

Add an image to a custom page

  1. Make sure your image is uploaded to a hosting site, like Postimage or Dropbox.
  2. Once you upload your image to your image host, copy its “direct link” URL. This link will end in the file’s type, like .jpg, .png or .gif
  3. In your Big Cartel desktop admin, head to > Customize design > Pages.
  4. Click the Insert image icon in the page editor and paste the image’s URL into the window that pops up.
  5. Click OK. The image should appear in the preview area.

Using Dropbox for your image hosting? First, copy the “share” link for your image in Dropbox. Then modify the end of that URL so instead of ending in dl=0, it ends with raw=1 instead, like so:

Add an image to another page

You can do this with some HTML entered directly into the page you’re editing:

<img src="">

And if you want your image to be a clickable link, just drop your image element within some link tags:

<a href="">
  <img src="">
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