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If you use Big Cartel for iOS to take orders at concerts, craft fairs, and other events - you can use a Square reader to process in-person sales on Big Cartel! So the next time you’re meeting customers face to face, you can:

If you already use Square for in-person sales, your sales process will stay just about the same - but you’ll no longer have to update the Square app when you add new products or make changes to your inventory. Let Big Cartel do the heavy lifting, and keep all your shop details in one place.


  • Price: Square’s fees start at 2.75% per transaction
  • Requirements: Big Cartel for iOS app, Square Register app
  • Developer: Big Cartel
  • Support: Big Cartel


  1. Download Big Cartel for iOS
  2. Sign up for Square and download Square Register
  3. Order your free Square reader and other optional hardware

That’s it! The next time you go to process an in-person order in the Big Cartel app, you’ll see a Square option that will walk you through the simple setup process.

Heads up! Square is currently available to shop owners in the US and Canada, and we hope to see this option expand to more countries in the future.


What are Square’s processing fees?

Square charges 2.75% for swiped or inserted chip card transactions, and 3.5% + 15 cents for manually-entered transactions. More information is available on Square’s Pricing page.

When will I get paid by Square?

According to Square, deposits are initiated every weekday evening for payments taken Monday - Friday, and will arrive in your linked bank account in one to two business days.

Once you’ve activated your Square account and linked your bank account, you’ll be on their Next Business Day deposit schedule. You can also get your funds faster by linking a debit card to your Square account.

Get the full rundown on Square’s deposit schedules »

Is Square connected to Stripe or PayPal?

Nope! Square is a different payment processor altogether, so it works independently of our existing checkout options (and has its own per-transaction fee structure separate from Stripe/PayPal).

You’ll need to create a Square account in order to take payments through it. You can also get set up in just a few minutes directly from the Big Cartel app when choosing Square for the first time as a payment method.

Where can I get a Square card reader?

You can order a card reader directly from Square (it’s free when you sign up for your Square account) or pick one up at a retail location near you.

Do I need a tax ID number or business license number to use Square?

Nope - just choose the option to verify your identity through their system instead, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll be set.

Having trouble signing up? Check out Square’s troubleshooting tips »