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🎨Artist Support

Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to find ways to help artists sustain their online businesses, and make it easy for communities to rally around artists.

In addition to selling your products and services in your Big Cartel shop you’ve let us know that there are other ways we might help you support your business, and we want to make that happen!

👋 Here’s where you come in

We’d love to hear what features you feel would help you sustain your online business. Would you like to receive recurring donations? Do you need a better pre-order experience? Maybe you’d like to reward your regular customers with exclusive products or discount codes? We want to know how we can help!

Send us your feedback

Give us your honest thoughts and don’t hold back. Really! Our team reads every single submission and may even hit you up for some more details. And thanks for helping us make Big Cartel even better. 🙏

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