Heads up! This article is talking about the old admin. Looking for the new admin?


Tracking customer behavior, keeping up to date with order activity, and gathering stats about your own business can be hard work (and super boring), but that info can help you drive sales and reshape your business–and who knows? Maybe all of this online success will make you president of the internet someday. Since compiling all of this info is hard to do, and a total snooze, we decided to do it for you. Welcome to your Dashboard!

Screenshot of dashboard

When you log in to your Big Cartel admin your dashboard is the first screen you’ll see. From here, you’ll have access to all of this useful info about your shop.

Viewing your admin on a mobile browser? When you log in, you’ll see a mobile-optimized list of your recent orders and visitor stats, sorted by daily or weekly visits. Learn more about the mobile admin »


We’ve put a handy news ticker at the top of your dashboard for you so you’re in the loop with all things Big Cartel. It links to our blog where we talk about the latest Big Cartel news and features, so keep an eye on that spot to stay up to date.


This gives a quick overview of your recent orders. Want more details? Click on the order to see all the specifics of that transaction. Need to refund a customer? Just click that order’s link to view the Order Details. From there you can then click to view in PayPal or Stripe and finish the refund in that account.


This lists your products by the number of times they’ve been viewed. Lots of views and no sales? Maybe they’re priced too high. Not enough views on your best products? Check out our Marketing and Write to Sell guides for some ideas.

Sold Out

This lists all products that are currently marked as Sold Out. So get restocking! Or, if you’re running out of space in your plan, delete these Sold Out items so you can add new products without maxing out your store.


This displays how many people have visited your store every day for the last week, and every week for the last 6 weeks. Both unique and repeat visits are counted, but while you’re logged into the admin your visits are not recorded. Keep in mind that visitors don’t always mean sales - you’ve got to close the deal with awesome products, beautiful photography, quality copywriting, and realistic prices. (Available on all paid plans.)


Here you see which sites your customers are visiting from, how many people have used that link in all (not just today), and when the link was last used. You can sort this list by the most used or the most recent. It may give you some clues as to where your customers are coming from–so pay close attention. (Available on all paid plans.)


This shows the terms or keywords people are searching for to find your store, which search engine they used (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), how many people have used the search term on that search engine in all (not just today), and when the term was last used. You can sort this list by the most used or the most recent. (Available on all paid plans.)

[ Unknown Query ] - in an effort to make search more secure, search engines like Google have stopped sending the terms used when someone searches for your shop. However, it’s still valuable to know how many visitors are finding your shop from these search engines, so they’ll show as [ Unknown Query ] in your Dashboard. You can then use tools like Google Webmaster Tools for more information on the queries used.


Can I get more detailed stats about my shop?

For sure–we suggest using our Google Analytics integration in your shop for additional stats tracking. It’s free, quick to set up, and includes a ton of reporting features.

Why are some referrers missing from my Dashboard?

Modern web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer have been beefing up security to protect the browsing privacy of visitors to your shop. One of the things they’ve decided is to not share the referrering URL when someone visits your shop from a website using https (the very beginning of the URL).

So if you’re missing some sites in your referrers Dashboard that you know are sending people to your shop, it’s likely because the site is using https and your visitors are using browsers that are making that information private.

Why are there weird referrers listed in my Dashboard?

If you notice some weird or spammy-looking domains referring back to your Big Cartel shop, it’s most likely referrer spam, a pest in the world of website statistics.

If you’ve identified some referrer spam, you can report it to Big Cartel and we’ll see if we can filter it. You can also report it to Google and other search engines if you’d like.

Regardless, this isn’t anything to worry about. This doesn’t mean anyone is hacking into your shop, you can crawl on out of your bunker, and proceed like normal.

How do I reset my store’s stats?

If you’ve been working behind the scenes on your store for a little while, you’d probably like to clear out all of the stats before you officially launch. Cool, you can totally do that in the desktop admin!

  1. From your Dashboard, click Reset Stats in the far bottom right corner.
  2. Select the stats you wish to erase. Be careful because, this, like a bad tattoo, is instant and permanent.
  3. Click the Reset button. Gone!