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Creating discounts is a great way to treat your customers while also driving up sales. You can create discounts to take a percentage or flat dollar amount off the total sale, limit discounts to exclusive items, or even offer free shipping.

Creating Discounts

Let’s walk through setting up a free shipping discount so you can see what we mean:

  1. First, head to Promote > Discounts in your admin and click the Add Discount button.
  2. Next, give your discount a name. This is what your customers will see when they enter the discount at checkout so make it descriptive. Let’s call our discount: Free shipping when you spend $50 or more!
  3. Now you’ll decide which orders are eligible for a discount: When a customer orders anything? When a customer spends a certain amount, or orders a certain number of items? In our discount name we decided when a customer spends $50 or more.
  4. Now you’ll enter a code that your customers can use to apply the discount at checkout. Or you can roll the dice icon to generate a random code. We’ll use: FREESHIPPING.
  5. Next, select what type of discount you’d like to give. It could be a percentage off, a flat amount off, or free shipping. For this discount we’ll enter free shipping.
  6. Decide which items to discount. A category of items? The whole order? Or maybe just a specific product? For this discount, we’ll give free shipping on the whole order.
  7. Finally, decide how long you’d like your discount code to be active - starting now, or on a specific date. And then when you’d like your discount to expire - never, on a specific date, or after it has been used a certain number of times. Let’s say our discount will start now and never expire.
  8. That’s it. Click Save! When a customer enters FREESHIPPING in the discount field at checkout, they’ll be psyched to see a $0 shipping if they spend at least $50!

Now that it’s set up, you’ll want to let your customers know to use it. You could update your product descriptions to mention Free shipping on orders above $50. Just enter FREESHIPPING at checkout!, create your own banner and find a spot to drop it into your store’s design, advertise it on Facebook and Twitter, stick a note in your outgoing orders to reward customers on their next purchase - anything you can do to get the word out.


How many discount codes can customers apply to an order?

To keep things simple, customers can add only one discount code per order.

Why can’t I set a discount for 100% off?

Since PayPal and Stripe don’t accept order transactions with a zero value, every transaction through your Big Cartel store will require a payment of some sort. But don’t let that stop you from handing out free goods–you’ll want to work that out directly with your customer, or surprise them with a bonus item when you ship a package.