Using a custom domain for your business is an important part of your shop’s branding. But let’s just admit it, custom domains can be as complex as determining when to change your relationship status on Facebook, and can be just as disastrous when you get it wrong. So, if you’re going to use a custom domain for your shop, great! Just let us help you do it right.

Planets that look like domain options

Getting started

If you’re located in the US, simply head over to Settings > Domains in your Big Cartel admin and hit the Need to buy a domain? button. From there you’ll be able to buy a custom URL through Google Domains for as little as $12 a year, and it will be automatically configured to work with your Big Cartel shop. Easy as pie!

If you’re located outside of the US, that built-in Google Domains feature isn’t an option for you just yet. Currently Google Domains only supports payments from U.S.-based billing addresses, but not to worry, we’ve got you covered. You can snag a new custom domain and have it up and running with your shop by using this handy 1-click setup tool provided by

Already have a custom domain? Check out our list of domain providers for instructions on connecting your custom domain to your shop using your current domain host.

Note: Custom domain mapping is only available for Big Cartel stores on any one of our paid plans and not an option for free Gold stores.


Why do I get an Oops! message after setting up my custom domain?

Well, just look at you and your fancy custom domain! Sounds like you even set it up correctly, but simply forgot to add your domain name to the custom domain field in your Big Cartel admin. Head on over to Settings > Domains > Custom Domain, add your custom URL, Save, and you’ll be all set. Nice work, hot shot!

Why can I only access my store with ‘www’ in my address?

Whoops! It looks like you’ve missed a step in your custom domain setup.

Let’s say your custom domain is We want anyone who types (without the www) into their browser’s address bar to be sent to automatically–which is really displaying the content at

This is done from within your domain provider’s admin using a 301 redirect without masking. Make sure you’ve followed all our steps to set this up from start to finish, and if you’re stuck you’ll want to get in touch with your domain provider to have them set it up for you.

Just make sure they don’t use masking or a frame redirect - that’s a lil’ shortcut that can actually mess up your store’s checkout and search engine visibility. So, just like your gym teacher always said: no shortcuts!

Can I get your IP address or Name Servers for my DNS Host?

For your own good, the answer is no. You won’t need to use our IP address or name servers to link your custom domain to your Big Cartel store. IP addresses change over time, and if we change ours, the redirect to your domain would break - leaving your shop inaccessible.

Trust us: using a CNAME record to redirect your domain will prevent major frustration, and keep your store open for business around the clock.

Why am I not receiving emails since I’ve set up my custom domain?

Oh no! Sounds like you probably set up your CNAME incorrectly, and it’s conflicting with your email settings. Hop into your domain provider’s admin to check your CNAME settings. The CNAME should be set up for your custom domain with www in front. If you’re missing the www, that is likely what’s causing the email problem.

At this point it’s probably a good idea to double-check your settings against our instructions. Custom domain instructions »

Why does my domain revert back to the Big Cartel URL in the address bar?

If you visit your custom URL and it switches to the address in your browser, then it sounds like the wrong type of redirect was set up for your custom domain. To fix that, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set up a CNAME redirect instead of a basic URL forward. Follow our custom domain instructions »

Can I set up email through my Big Cartel site?

We don’t offer any email hosting but there are lots of email-only service providers available if you are using a custom domain and your domain provider doesn’t offer email hosting. You could try Google Apps, Rackspace Email, or Zoho Mail.

Why is there a blank white page at my custom domain?

That means your custom domain is set up with a frame redirect instead of a CNAME. Follow our instructions for setting up a CNAME redirect at your custom domain instead »

Why doesn’t my domain change to reflect the product or page I’m viewing as I navigate through my store?

If you don’t see link paths change as you click through your store’s products and pages, then your DNS provider is using a frame and masking. This is a big no-no. Using a frame can cause problems with your store’s checkout, and will negatively impact your search engine rankings. Yikes.

To fix that you’ll need to contact your domain name provider, and ask them to remove the frame and masking, and set up a CNAME redirect instead. Custom domain setup steps »