Artist categories

In addition to grouping your products by category, Big Cartel also makes it possible to group your products by the artist that created it. So, for example, you could see all albums from all artists, or all products from a specific artist. The perfect feature for record labels, design collectives, or any shop featuring multiple vendors or brands.

Enabling Artists

Because this feature is so specialized, and most sellers don’t need it, it’s disabled for all accounts by default. However, if you’d like to use artist categories in your store, simply contact us and we’ll hook you up.

Using Artists

Once enabled, Artists will show up along side your Categories, and will work the same way:

  • Add, edit, or delete artists from your list.
  • Drag artists into the position you’d like them in your store.
  • Select which artists apply to individual products.

Using artists

In Your Store

Since most stores don’t have artists, not all themes support artist categories by default. The good news is most of our pre-made themes do support artist categories (Lunch Break, Sidecar, Luna, Nova, Neat, and more), and you can always customize any theme to include them yourself.

Adding artists to your theme

If you want to use a theme that doesn’t have artist categories added already, or if you’re building your own completely custom theme and need artists, you can use our normal theme code with the following variables:

Variable Description Returns the id of a artist. Returns the name of a artist.
artist.permalink Returns the permalink of a artist.
artist.url Returns the URL of a artist.
artist.products Returns all of the products of a artist.
artists.all Returns all of the artists in your store. Returns all of the artists that are currently in use by one or more products.
artists.permalink Returns a specific category based on it’s permalink.

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