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Staying up to date with your shop is super important, so you’ll want to be sure you never miss an order by keeping your notification settings dialed in.

  • You can opt to get an email for each order you receive including what the customer bought and their shipping/contact details.
  • In both the desktop and mobile admins, you’ll see a green dot on the Orders icon at the top when there are new orders to view.
  • If you use the Big Cartel iOS app, you can receive push notifications for every order directly on your device.
  • A notification badge count will also appear on the app icon showing you a quick tally of every unshipped order.


  1. Head to the Account section of your admin.
  2. Click Edit preferences.
  3. Toggle on the Email me when I receive a new order option and click Save.

Sorry, right now this can only be done on Desktop and iOS.

  1. Push notifications should be enabled by default in the Big Cartel for iOS app, but in case they’re not showing up, head to your device’s Settings > Notifications area.
  2. Choose the Big Cartel app from the list.
  3. Toggle Allow Notifications on and choose your notification styles. Our app supports both notifications and the badge app icon for alerting you about unshipped orders.
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