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Heads up: this is something we’re working on and our first round of updates, shipping profiles, is in beta.🙌 Let us know if you want to try out the shipping profiles!

🚢 Improved shipping settings

Shipping your orders is kind of a big deal when it comes to running an online biz, and there’s a lot to consider there. The weight of the package, where it’s going, how fast it’ll get there, and the carrier you use all affect the cost of shipping. Charge too much and your customers are paying more for their orders. Charge too little and you end up footing the bill. It gets complicated!📦

Right now, the shipping settings in your admin allow for a flat rate, country based calculation with the option to set shipping on a per-product basis. You’ve let us know you need more control over those shipping rates and we hear ya!

👋 Here’s where you come in

We’d love to hear what shipping features you’re missing in the admin. Do you need more control over the zones/regions you ship to? Maybe you’d like to give your customers more shipping options like priority or express? We want to know how we can simplify the shipping process for you.

Send us your feedback

Give us your honest thoughts and don’t hold back. Really! Our designers read every single submission and may even hit you up for some more details. And thanks for helping us make Big Cartel even better. 🙏

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