Heads up! This article is talking about the new admin. Looking for the old admin?


Our revamped account dashboard will have you tracking your store’s activity like a pro. We’ve gathered together the most important stats about your sales, visitors, even conversion rates, and laid it out clearly and beautifully too. The best part is that you don’t need to be a data junkie to make sense of it all. Second best part? That nice-lookin’ graph, of course.

Screenshot of new admin Dashboard

Feature Highlights

A lot of thought and care went into our new dashboard features, and we’ve written in-depth about some of our favorite highlights in our blog. Check out our announcement post »

Order & Visitor Stats

Screenshot of Order and Visitor Stats

The first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous graph visualizing your store’s stats and revenue. The blue-green areas represent orders placed in your shop, and the purple shows visits. Hover over the graph with your cursor to see even more detailed stats broken down by day or month (depending on which date range you’ve chosen). Keep in mind that both unique and repeat visits are counted, but while you’re logged into the admin your visits are not recorded.

Speaking of dates, you can break down your data by different time frames, ranging from the last 7 days all the way to your shop’s opening. Click the options below the graph to switch based on time frame. The stats in the top right corner will also update to reflect the date range you’re looking at.

Conversion Rates

Screenshot of Conversion Rates

Conversion what? This stat shows you the percentage of people visiting your shop who are actually placing orders. Converting traffic into sales can be tricky, so this number is key in figuring out how many people are browsing versus buying. With that knowledge, you can adjust your marketing plan or fine-tune your product listings to turn more of your visitors into paying customers.

Screenshot of Trends

Hard numbers are great - 100 visitors yesterday, whoo! - but to really keep your finger on the pulse of your shop, you need to see trends. Getting more visitors this week than last? Sell more this month? How has my conversion rate changed this year? And what actions did you take that might’ve impacted these numbers?

Hover over the stats above the graph to see the precise changes over the previous period. The little green up and red down arrows will show you the way, too, so you can make sense of the activity in your shop and better strategize what to do more (or less) of down the road.

Product & Category Stats

Screenshot of Product and Category Stats

Curious about which products in your shop are the most popular? We’ve taken all-time product stats to the next level by breaking down how many times they’ve been viewed, sold, and for how much revenue. You can even sort them by clicking on the Views, Sold, and Sales headings, expand them to see numbers broken down by product option, and also see them grouped by category. We hope this info helps you decide which products to restock, and areas where you may even be able to expand your line.


Can I get more detailed stats about my shop?

For sure–we suggest using our Google Analytics integration in your shop for additional stats tracking. It’s free, quick to set up, and includes a ton of reporting features.

Where did search and referrer stats from the old Dashboard go?

We’re focusing on what we do best, and letting advanced stats platforms like Google Analytics do what they do best. So if you want to see who’s linking to you, what people are searching for, which browsers they’re using, and much, much more, check out our Google Analytics integration. It’s easy to set up and allows you to track nearly any stat under the sun.

Why am I missing some visitor stats and conversion rates?

Prior to the launch of our new Dashboard in February 2017, visitor stats weren’t tracked for accounts on our free Gold plan, and they were only retained for accounts on a paid plan until mid-2015. These missing stats make it so we can’t always calculate a conversion rate, so you’ll see a dash instead of a percentage if the rate can’t be determined. The good news is all accounts, both free and paid, now have access to the same Dashboard stats going forward!

How do I reset my store’s stats?

If you’ve been working behind the scenes on your store for a little while, you’d probably like to clear out all of the stats before you officially launch. Cool, you can totally do that in the desktop admin!

  1. From your Dashboard, click Reset Stats in the far bottom right corner.
  2. Select the stats you wish to erase. Be careful because, this, like a bad tattoo, is instant and permanent.
  3. Click the Reset button. Gone!