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Creating discounts is a great way to treat your customers while also driving up sales. You can create discounts to take a percentage or flat dollar amount off the total sale, limit discounts to exclusive items, or even offer free shipping.

Screenshot Discounts preview

Feature Highlights

A lot of thought and care went into our new discounts admin, and we’ve written in-depth about some of our favorite highlights in our blog. Read the announcement »

Add a Discount

Screenshot of new discounts form

From the Discounts section of your admin, click the Add new discount button in the top right. Give your discount a name and a code - the code is what your customers will enter at checkout to get the discount (like FREESHIPPING, SUMMERSALE, 2LEGIT2QUIT, you get the idea). If you want to leave that part up to fate, click the dice icon to get a totally random code.

The next part of the form is where you can dial in the discount’s specifics. Here’s where you can decide:

  • Which orders are eligible - when a customer orders anything in your shop, spends a certain amount, or orders a certain number of items
  • Discount type - a percentage off, a flat amount off, or free shipping
  • Which items in the order to discount - a specific product, a category of products, or the whole order
  • How long the code will be active - starting now or on a specific date
  • When the code expires - never, on a specific date, or after it has been used a certain number of times

Copy a Discount

Screenshot of copy discount

Save yourself some time and effort by clicking the Copy discount icon to set up a new promo with the same settings as an existing discount. This is super handy if you’re generating a bunch of special codes for certain customers, too.

Expire a Discount

Any time you decide a promotion has run its course, you can expire a discount code by clicking the clock icon in the top right of the discount’s edit page. The code will be made inactive so future customers won’t be able to use it.

View Active/Expired Discounts

Screenshot of expired tab

Discounts that are still available for use will be listed in the Active tab. Curious about the color bars on some discounts? A blue line means the discount is “pending” and isn’t yet active (since it’s set to go live at a specific time in the future). A yellow or red line means that a discount is getting close to expiring (based on number of uses or a specific expiration date).

Once a discount is expired, it’ll be moved over to the Expired tab to keep things tidy. If you no longer need to view details of an expired discount, click the trash can icon to get rid of it for good.