Over the coming months, Big Cartel will be rolling out a brand new version of our store admin area, redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. We’ll be previewing things a section at a time, so you can begin to try it out in your own admin, and give us feedback to help shape the final release.

Admin Preview

Big Cartel has worked with nearly a million artists over the last ten years, and they’ve taught us an awful lot. We’ve learned what it takes to build a store from scratch, to establish a unique brand, and to manage a creative business. Now, we’re excited to take everything we’ve learned and put it to use in a brand new, redesigned, and rebuilt admin area for your store.

Of course, Big Cartel’s biggest feature has always been its simplicity, and that remains our top priority when building these new tools. But we’re also taking this opportunity to lay a new foundation, built on modern designs and technologies, that can grow and adapt along with the makers, designers, and creatives we work for.


We’re rolling out the new admin a section at a time so that we can gather your thoughts and feedback along the way. There are some big changes and new ideas going into this project, so we’d really love to hear what you think about them. Let us know »


Nobody likes when a service they use every day pulls the rug out with a totally different design to learn, so we’ll be rolling out the new admin a section at a time over the coming months. The current admin will still work exactly like it does today, and you’ll be able to switch back-and-forth to test out the new design as much or as little as you’d like. However, this ain’t no beta. When a new section is released, it should be considered ready for use, so please use it and tell us what you think!


Does the new admin work on mobile?

The new admin design is initially rolling out to all desktop and tablet browsers, as well as our iPhone app, since we already have a pretty awesome mobile admin. However, the mobile admin will definitley get the new design and features soon after.