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A steady wave of orders rolling in to your shop: is there anything sweeter? We know how important it is to keep this process smooth and simple, so we’ve organized all of your order info into one helpful tab in your admin, along with a few tools that’ll help you pack up, ship out, and get back to creating.

Screenshot of new admin Orders page in admin with orders listed

Feature Highlights

A lot of thought and care went into our new orders features, and we’ve written in-depth about some of our favorite highlights in our blog. Check out our announcement post »

Order List

Animated gif showing Orders List view

Here you’ll see a handy visual list of your latest orders, sorted by shipping status (shipped or unshipped). When viewing unshipped orders, you’ll have the option to mark individual orders as shipped, or use the icon on the right to mark the whole batch as shipped in one click.

The other icons in the row can be used to search for an order by customer name, e-mail address, or order number, or you can download a .csv file of your orders. Click on any order to view the full details.

Order Details

Screenshot of Order Detail page

This is where you’ll see more info on who placed an order in your store, what they bought, and where to send it. The icons at the top right can be used to print a shipping label or mark the order as shipped. You can also read any special instructions or love letters the customer added in the notes section at checkout.

If a customer reaches out to you about a mistake they made when entering their shipping details, we’ve got you covered. Click Edit contact information to make adjustments and hit Save. A summary of the changes will appear in the Activity section at the bottom.

The Activity area also shows up-to-the-minute alerts about the order, including when it was placed, when it was marked shipped, and private notes.

Add Notes

Animated gif showing add private note feature

Need to add more details to an order for your own record keeping? We’ve made it easy to stay on top of things with the Add private note feature. Enter any helpful info you’d like - if the order was refunded or exchanged, the customer picked up their goods in person, or any other requests or reminders you want to keep track of.

Packing Slip

Animated gif of printing packing slip

Packing slips can really help simplify your order fulfillment process. Click the printer icon on your order detail page to print a packing slip that will include the customer’s info, shipping destination, and what they ordered.

Packing slips are currently read-only, so the file can’t be edited. But once it’s printed, we’d recommend jotting down a quick note to your customer or a custom stamp–a little handmade flourish goes a long way!

Download Order Data

Screenshot of downloading order data

Need to export your order data to use in Excel, Numbers, or wherever? No problem! Simply click the Download CSV icon at the top of the order list view to get a CSV file of all of your order data. You can also filter specific orders and export them using the search field, or export a list of only shipped or unshipped orders based on which tab you choose before downloading the file.

One column a little unlike the others is Items. Since orders can contain any number of products and quantities, we combine all of the item information into a format like so:



How exactly do I get paid when stuff sells in my store?

That all depends on if you’re using PayPal or Stripe to collect payments in your shop.

With PayPal Express checkout or PayPal Standard checkout enabled, money is deposited instantly and automatically into the PayPal account you’ve set in the Settings > Checkout area of your store’s admin.

Once the money is in your PayPal account, you can spend it right from there, request a withdrawal to your bank account, put it on a PayPal debit card, or receive it via check.

If you’re using the Stripe option for collecting card payments, Stripe makes transfers to your bank account in 2-7 days (depending on your account), with your first deposit always taking the full 7 days.

If 7 days is too long, and you’re in the US, you can request expedited transfers. »

If it’s been longer than 7 days, then something is up–maybe because a banking holiday fell in that timeframe. To get the full details you’ll need to contact Stripe. »

Can I edit or delete orders from my admin?

While there isn’t a way to totally delete an order from the admin, you can edit the order contact information or add an internal note to the order if you’re using the new admin. It’s easy: from the Orders tab in your admin, click Switch to the new admin and choose the order you want to edit.

How do I refund an order?

Refunds are no bueno, right? But we’ve made it easy to reverse a charge, to help ease the sting of losing that money. From the Order Details page, click the ‘View in Stripe’ or ‘View in PayPal’ link. That will take you directly to the transaction details in your payment processor’s account, where you can click ‘refund’ to issue a partial or full refund.

Can you email my customer when an item is shipped?

Not right now. The shipping status in the admin isn’t tied to our email system, so marking items as shipped won’t notify your customer. It’s just there to keep you organized–we wouldn’t want you to ship the same order twice!

If you use PayPal for printing postage, though, you can automatically notify the customer when their order is on its way. PayPal shipping tools »

Why are my payments pending?

When a payment is marked as Pending in the Big Cartel admin, it could be a variety of issues associated with your PayPal account.

The most common reason for a large amount of orders marked as Pending in the admin is because you don’t have a verified Business or Premier PayPal account, or your email address isn’t confirmed with PayPal. Check your account in PayPal »

You can confirm the email address for your PayPal account from the Profile > Edit Email link in PayPal’s admin.

And sometimes we find that store owners will accidentally misspell their PayPal email when signing up for Big Cartel, and not realize it until they received a few orders. You can double-check this from your Big Cartel admin in Settings > Checkout > PayPal email.

If that’s the case, and you happen to have access to the email address where orders are being received, you should just be able to add that address to your PayPal account and confirm it, and the payments will clear.

Otherwise if payments were sent to a non-existent email address, the person who placed the order will have to cancel the payment and place the order again, or you will need to reach out to PayPal directly for help getting that order into your account. Contact PayPal »

What is the billing zip discrepancy warning all about?

If your customer enters a different postal code for their shipping address than they do in their billing details section, you’ll see this billing zip discrepancy status on the order instead of a paid status. This discrepancy on its own isn’t always cause for concern necessarily, since the customer may be purchasing a gift and having it shipped directly to the recipient, for example.

But, if that discrepancy is found with other red flags, say, a super large order or multiple orders from the same name with different credit cards, then that’s when fraud may be suspected. Proceed with caution if anything about the order seems suspicious. You can learn more about avoiding fraud payments here.

Why are orders invalid?

This is because our system found a discrepancy between the actual amount paid and the order total. Check out the Order History section at the bottom of the order for more info.

OR, it’s possible your customer’s payment failed shortly after the order was placed–contact your customer and ask them to try the order again.

Can I see how many of a product I’ve sold?

You bet! If you’ve got Inventory Tracking enabled in your settings, you can see the sold count for each product and option in the Products area of the desktop admin. Just click the little arrow to the left of your product’s name, or the detailed view icon in the top right, and the amount sold will display in the column on the right.

Why are orders missing from my dashboard?

No need to panic! If you use PayPal checkout, your IPN (Instant Payment Notification) might be disabled in your PayPal account, which prevents PayPal from notifying us about new orders. Here’s how you can fix that:

  • Go to your PayPal account’s IPN settings ».
  • Click the Choose IPN Settings button at the bottom.
  • Click the Receive IPN messages button, and enter http://bigcartel.com/ipn in the Notification URL field.
  • Click Save.

After that, PayPal should be able to get us all the info we need about your new orders to display them in your Big Cartel admin automatically.

Why do some orders have an order number instead of a customer name?

That means you took that order in-person with your handy Big Cartel for iPhone app. Since collecting the customer’s name is optional on in-person sales, an order number is used in its place.

Why did emailing my customer open the wrong email application?

When you click to email the customer of an order, Big Cartel will automatically use the default email application for your computer or device. If it opened something you don’t want, you can simply change your default email application: