Heads up! This article is talking about the new admin. Looking for the old admin?


The Products area of your admin is the lifeblood of your shop. It’s where you will add the items you sell, adjust your inventory, and organize your wares into categories to make it even easier for your customers to find what they need. Just click the little tag icon on the top of your dashboard to get started!

Screenshot of products list view

Feature Highlights

A lot of thought and care went into our new products admin, and we’ve written in-depth about some of our favorite highlights and improvements in our blog. Read the blog announcement »

Add a Product

Screenshot of adding a product

Ready to sell a new awesome thing? Click the Add product button in the top right. From there you can upload product images, give your product a name, price and description, set up product options (like size or color) and shipping costs, and sort into categories.

You can also edit your product’s status to Active, Hidden (so nobody but you can see it), Sold Out, or Coming Soon using the menu in the top right. Don’t forget to Save at the bottom.

Copy a Product

Screenshot of copying a product

Choose any existing product in your list, then click the Copy product button next to your product’s status at the top to make a clone of it. This is super handy if you have products with special options and shipping settings already dialed in, so you don’t need to go through recreating those specifics by hand all over again. Be sure to give your newly copied listing a name and some nice images and you’ll be set!

Edit a Product URL

Screenshot of editting a product URL

Products are automatically saved with a URL that matches the product’s name. If you need to change this down the road, no sweat - you can click the link icon in the Name field to easily edit any existing product’s URL.

Manage Categories

Screenshot of managing categories

If you like to see everything in its right place, click the categories tab in the top left area of the products list to sort your products by category (and add new products directly into any category). Click the Edit categories button to add, delete or rename a category.

Search Products

Screenshot of search products

We’ve made it easy to track down any product or option you’re looking for in your shop. Click the magnifying glass icon from the main products list page and enter your search keywords to run a lightning-fast search.

Inventory View

Screenshot of inventory view

Check out your stock levels at-a-glance by clicking the graph icon in products list view. As for the color coding, yellow means you’re running low on a product or option, and red means sold out.