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Simple, minimal design combined with near-infinite layout options makes Roadie one of our most versatile themes.


  • Set an announcement message that displays on the top of every page
  • Display your desktop navigation as a header or a sidebar


  • Versatile desktop layouts to accommodate logos of all shapes and sizes
  • Display the sidebar on the left or right side of the page
  • Adjust your desktop layout to be fixed or full width

roadie layout tips

  • Show layout margins to add spacing to the left/right edges of your shop
  • Flexible mobile layouts

Roadie mobile

  • Add a repeating or fixed background image, plain or with an overlay, on every page in your storefront
  • Announce promos and sales with the Promo image
  • Set your product list display to a grid or masonry layout
  • Display product thumbnails in different sizes and adjust the spacing between product photos
  • Display the product status badge as a circle, bar or inline
  • Quick view gives your customers the option to add products to their cart directly from the home or product pages

roadie quick view

  • Product quantity can be adjusted directly from the product pages
  • Product image zoom so your customers can preview the finer details
  • Expanded product sorting options means customers can more easily find what they’re looking for

roadie sorting

  • Up-sell by setting a number of related products to appear on your product pages.


  • Use large, high res image for the promo and product images especially if you are using the full width layout and we’ll do the heavy lifting to resize them
  • Go with wider landscape oriented pics for the promo image to minimize your product images from being pushed too far down the page
  • Navigation above the header layout is best when used with 4 or fewer categories and/or custom pages
  • Keep customers in the loop when you are updating your shop by enabling social links on the maintenance page


  1. Log in at
  2. Go to Design.
  3. Click the Themes tab in the top left corner.
  4. Click Roadie.
  5. Click Save to apply the changes or Exit to leave without saving.

Sorry, right now this can only be done on the web.

Sorry, right now this can only be done on the web.

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