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More theme options is a request we get pretty regularly and we hear ya! More themes means more options to make your shop unique to your brand. We wanted to share that we have a new theme in the works - Roadie. 🎉 We knew we wanted to build a theme a little more focused around labels, bands, and small apparel shops, and Roadie is where we landed - get it, Roadie?! 🎸

👀 So what does this look like?

When researching these types of shops, we saw a common theme of simple and minimal. Clean and simple layouts so the products stand out.

While talking to folks in these communities, we also heard that they want things to be quick and easy to setup, but they still wanted a good amount of customization without needing to code.

Simple, minimal design combined with more flexible layout options will make Roadie one of our most versatile themes. Here’s just a few of the cool features that will make Roadie stand out:

  • Flexible navigation options so you can display your navigation as a header or sidebar
  • Flexible layout allows you to align product details and sidebar left or right and have a fixed or full width layout
  • Flexible grid options like spacing and optional borders
  • Quick shop gives your customers the option to add products directly from the home or products pages
  • Adjustable quantity directly from the product pages
  • Price range or a base price for your product listing
  • Product image zoom so your customers can preview the finer details
  • More product sorting options means customers can more easily find what they’re looking for

We can’t wait to see what our shops can do with Roadie and will be keeping everyone posted on the launch.🚀If you’d like to be one of the first to know, hit us up here!

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