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Currently in Beta

🎉🎉 More updates are headed to shipping profiles soon! With our next phase of updates we’re adding the ability to apply shipping profiles to products, and their options. You’ll be the first to know when these updates are live. As always, your feedback is welcome, and thanks for making Big Cartel even better!

Shipping profiles is the first phase of the overall improvements we’re making to the existing shipping feature. You can find the shipping profiles on the Account page of the admin, and you can toggle them on and off– so you can switch back and forth between the current shipping setup and the new shipping profiles.


📦📦📦 One rate fits all

With shipping profiles enabled, any shipping settings you have on your individual product listings will be overridden with the zone shipping profiles. So if you have the same shipping rates for all of your products, you can create a single shipping profile that’ll apply to all your products, instead of editing each product listing individually.

🇺🇸🇬🇧🇦🇺 Set your destination

Home country or zone Shipping profiles can be created based on zones, so if you want one shipping rate for the entire U.S., then you can do that! If you need to get more granular and have more than one shipping rate for the U.S., then you can set up different rates for each shipping zone within the U.S. Or you can go broad, and set up a single shipping rate for all of North America.

Keep in mind that we’ll take the most specific shipping profile when calculating shipping. So for example, if you’ve got one shipping profile set up for the E.U. and another set up for the rest of the world, then all customers within the E.U. will be charged your E.U. rate. Customers outside the E.U. will then be charged your worldwide rate.

📫📦📬 Add Shipping Methods

Some customers want their package rushed, while others are okay with standard shipping. No problem! Shipping methods can be added and customized based on your store’s shipping needs. There’s a set of default shipping methods you can use as is: alone & each additional item

Example shipping methods

  • Standard
  • Expedited
  • Customer Pickup

Or you can change it up, and create your own custom shipping methods. Looking to offer a 2-day shipping option for customers? Do it! You can use this feature’s customizable fields to set the price of a 2-day delivery, and specify when customers can expect their package. When you’ve added your methods customers will see their shipping options during checkout!

To make sure you’re covering your costs you can use the First item field to set a flat rate for your shipping profile, and the Each additional field to cover the cost of any additional items added to the cart.

Let’s say you decide to charge $5 for the first item, and keep the default $0 for each additional item. Your customers will only be charged five bucks for shipping, no matter many products are added to the cart.

Now, if you need to charge a bit more to cover the shipping costs of those additional products the Each additional field will come in handy. For example, if you set the First item rate to $5, and Each additional to $1, then customers will be charged $1 extra for each additional item they add to the cart. For example, if a customer purchases three items, then they’ll be charged $7 for shipping: $5 first item + $1 + $1 each additional = $7.



  1. Log in at
  2. Go to .
  3. Click Edit shipping.
  4. Toggle on Use shipping profiles to calculate shipping.
  5. Click + to add a Shipping Profile.
  6. Select a country or zone from the dropdown menu and then select the region if required.
  7. Select listed default Shipping Methods to edit Name, Description and Price fields for your desired shipping speeds.
  8. Click Save.
  1. Log in at
  2. Go to .
  3. Tap Edit shipping.
  4. Toggle on Use shipping profiles to calculate shipping.
  5. Tap + to add a shipping rate for a country or zone.
  6. Select a country or zone from the dropdown menu and then select the region if required.
  7. Enter the shipping price and then tap Save.

Sorry, right now this can only be done on the web and iOS app.

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