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Socialphotos allows you to showcase user-generated photos of your products. Your potential customers trust user-generated content twice as much as any other media, and 40% of customers are likely to engage with brands if they post visual media. Increase your brand credibility and drive more sales with ease - Socialphotos integration takes just a few minutes and no technical skills are required. Free 30-day trial available!


  • Price: $10 - $50 / month
  • Free trial: 30 days, no credit card required
  • Requirements: Instagram account, paid Big Cartel plan
  • Developer: Socialphotos
  • Support: Socialphotos


  1. Visit the Socialphotos Sign Up page ยป
  2. Click Big Cartel. This will redirect you to Big Cartel.
  3. When prompted, click Allow to grant Socialphotos access to your account.
  4. Link your Instagram account, and enter the Instagram hashtag you would like to track.
  5. Follow the steps to insert the Socialphotos code into your store.
  6. Watch customer generated content magically appear on your website!


  • Community Page: Gather all brand-relevant Instagram content in one centralized gallery. Showcase user-generated photos from Instagram on your website.

  • Content Moderation: Choose which photos to publish to keep your content free from spam, low quality photos, duplicates and unneeded promo materials.

  • Auto Approve: Automatically publish content tagged by specific hashtags and save into specific galleries.

  • Shoppable Customer Photos: Add links directly to your product pages on customer photos, making it easy for people to purchase specific items and explore your shop.

  • Product-Related Galleries: Product gallery lives on your product page and showcases all user generated content related to that product.

  • Direct Instagram functionality: With Direct Instagram you can engage with your customers straight from the Socialphotos app. Follow your customers and comment on their photos without switching to Instagram.

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