Stripe: Disabled charges

If you see an error in your account settings that your Stripe account cannot accept payments, don’t panic! We’ve gathered a couple spots to troubleshoot so you can get back up and running.

🔍 More info is needed to verify your Stripe account

One of the common reasons for this error is that your Stripe account is not finished being set up or fully verified by Stripe. To check on your account status:

  1. Log in to your Stripe account.
  2. Check your verification status here in the Verifications area.
  3. If everything looks good there and you’re still having trouble, reach out to Stripe directly for more help. When logged in, you can request a chat or call for immediate help.

Since Stripe is in the tricky business of collecting secure payments online, they need to be extra careful to make sure everyone is legit. After signup, they might require more info from you, like a photo ID or tax details. Learn more about the information Stripe requires to set up an account here.

Typically they will send you an email alert with what they need, but you can also log in to your Stripe dashboard and find more info here.

Once you get any unresolved issues cleared up, Stripe should be re-enabled, and you’ll be all set to accept card payments in your shop. 💳🙌

❌ Under review or suspended by Stripe

If you’ve run through the above steps and everything looks complete and up-to-date, then there may be another reason why charges have been disabled:

To find out, your next step will be to reach out to Stripe support directly, since we don’t have access to those details on the Big Cartel side. For the fastest help, log in to your Stripe account and reach out to their chat team or request a call.

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