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We hope your supporters are ready! We’re gearing up for our next round of updates and a fulfillment option is being added to subscriptions!🎉 We must admit your feedback is helping to shape this feature so the upcoming updates won’t be the same without your input, click the Send us feedback! button up above and share your thoughts with us! Thanks :)

Set up

To turn on subscriptions your shop needs to be on a paid plan, and you need to have the Stripe checkout connected as well. When you’re ready to start accepting subscriptions head to your admin’s page, then scroll down to the Get paid section.

To turn on Subscriptions beta just toggle the button from grey to green. When you’ve done that you’ll see a link you can use to direct your fans and supporters to your Subscribe page– you can add that link to a social media page, blog post, newsletter, etc. and your supporters will be able to link right over to your shop’s Subscribe page to set up a recurring payment.


That Subscribe page will automatically be created when you toggle on the subscriptions feature in your admin, and there will be a link to it in your shop’s navigation, just like your Contact page or Cart page.

Customize your page

The Subscribe page will display your shop image, and you can give the page a title and add a description if you’d like– you can use the description to let your supporters and fans know what they’re supporting. If you’re working on a new product line, you can share details in your page description. Maybe you’re starting a new project with other artists in your community, or perhaps you’ve been impacted by the pandemic– your fans want to support you, so let them know what’s going on!

To customize your Subscribe page click Customize page under your page’s link, then fill in the appropriate fields to give your page a title and description– check out the example below. Save your changes, and your supporters will be able to read up your project!


How does it actually work though?

When you’ve enabled subscriptions, your supporters will be able to visit your page, and there they’ll enter their email address and the monthly amount they’d like to donate.


Next, they’ll click the Support me button, and your supporters will be redirected to Stripe to securely enter their payment info. Supporters who create a subscription will receive an email confirmation that they’ve successfully created their subscription, and they can also manage their subscription payments if things change on their end. Supporters can increase, decrease, and (gasp!) pause their payment at any time, so they’re not stuck in any kind of contract, and you’re not stuck with a mere $5 a month if your best friend wins the lottery.


What happens if I turn off the beta?

Your Subscribe page will be disabled, so you won’t be able to accept any new subscriptions, and that page will redirect any visitors to your shop’s homepage. Turning off the feature will also pause your subscriptions, so your current subscribers won’t be billed going forward– toggling the subscriptions beta feature back on will resume those subscriptions.

What if I disconnect the Stripe checkout from my Big Cartel admin?

If you disconnect the Stripe checkout from the Big Cartel admin, then your subscriptions will be paused, and your current subscribers won’t be billed going forwarding– reconnecting the Stripe checkout to the same Stripe account will resume your subscriptions.

I really just turn it on, and that’s it?

That’s really it– turn on the subscriptions beta feature, and you can start receiving automatically recurring payments from fans, friends, existing customers, family– basically anyone who wants to support you and your work. Just set it, and forget it!

Can my subscribers change the amount they send me?

Absolutely! When your subscribers sign up, we’ll send them an email with a link they can use to manage their subscription. So your subscribers can increase, decrease, or pause their payments, and they can also resume payments if they had to pause their monthly payment.

Additionally, your subscribers will receive an email when they have an upcoming payment when their payment goes through successfully. If their monthly subscription payment gets paused due to failed attempts– each of these emails will include a link they can use to manage their subscription.


  1. Log in at
  2. Go to the page.
  3. Click into the Get paid section.
  4. Toggle Subscriptions beta on.
  1. Log in at
  2. Go to the page.
  3. Click into the Get paid section.
  4. Toggle Subscriptions beta on.
  1. Log in at
  2. Go to the page.
  3. Click into the Get paid section.
  4. Toggle Subscriptions beta on.
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