Plan Merge | Sunsetting the Titanium Plan

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Everyone here at Big Cartel wants the platform to be an easy place to sell and empower independent sellers to launch their dreams. We’ve made some plan changes that are in the best interest of our independent sellers and their independent spirit.

We are sunsetting🌅 the Titanium Plan. But don’t worry, just because the Titanium plan will be riding off into the sunset doesn’t mean anything will be lost! Only cool 😎 things are happening because of this change! For starters, the Titanium plan will be merged together with Diamond. This means these shops get all of the awesome things that come from joining forces. ⚙️+💎=❤️

What does this mean for Diamond users?

Great question! You’ll get what the current Titanium users have now and be bumped up to 500 products! Go ahead and start planning how you’d like to use that extra 250 product listings!

What does this mean for Titanium users?

Even better question! You can have the pleasure of keeping everything at a reduced monthly fee! No more $29.99 a month for you - welcome to the Diamond world of $19.99 a month!

Gold, Platinum, Diamond: Don’t you just love the sound of that?!

We know changes like this may bring about some thoughts or questions and we are here for you! Feel free to reach out to our support team through your shop’s admin or by sending us an email.

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