Snakebite by Fuzzco

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Snakebite is a colorful and flexible theme brought to you by our good friends at Fuzzco. It’s full of personality and ready for a shop looking to make a visual statement.


  • Responsive and optimized for any type of mobile or desktop device
  • Large image slideshow on the Home page
  • Add links to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram in the footer
  • Display share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest on Product pages
  • Display your store’s logo in the header
  • Display a repeating background image and secondary background image on every page
  • Product pages feature a slideshow image gallery
  • Drop-down menus for artist categories, pages, and product categories


  • Recommended header image size is 600 x 140 pixels
  • Recommended Home page slideshow image size is 1400 x 700 pixels
  • Use the Home page slideshow to advertise discounts or show off detailed product shots


If you're on a paid plan and don't mind getting your hands dirty in the code, then here are a few common advanced customization questions we get for this theme.

How can I add Next and Previous buttons to the Product page?

Head to Customize Design > Advanced > Product and add the following code where you’d like them to appear:

<div id="product_next_prev">
  <span class="prev">{% if product.previous_product != blank %}{{ product.previous_product | link_to: "« Previous" }}{% endif %}</span>
  <span class="next">{% if product.next_product != blank %}{{ product.next_product | link_to: "Next »" }}{% endif %}</span>