Tricks and shortcuts

We want to let you in on some not-so-secret keyboard shortcuts, and tricks to streamline your process in the admin.

Batch select with shift+click

Desktop admin users: while bulk editing via the action menu, hold down the Shift key + click on the first and last item in a list to select them all. This works for orders, products, and discounts, and it’s is super handy if you have a lot of things to update at once.

Using the Shift key + click shortcut also allows you to select multiple images on your desktop and upload them all at once to your product listings in the admin - a real time saver.

Arrow key navigation

When viewing order details, you can use the back and forward arrows on your keyboard to navigate to the next or previous order in the list - great for speeding up your process while packing up shipments!

Big Cartel for iOS app #protips

If you’re using a 3D Touch-enabled iOS device, you can use Peek and Pop and Quick Actions features with the app! Press on the Big Cartel app icon to jump right into orders, products, checkout, or to quickly search through orders.

With the app launched, you can press lightly on any order to take a quick look at important details like buyer address and notes.

Slide up when peeking to email the buyer, print a shipping label, or mark the order as shipped. If you want to open the order, press a little deeper to Pop into it.

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