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PayPal Express

Heads up! Support for both PayPal Express and PayPal Standard will soon be discontinued, so in the next few weeks we’ll be asking you to reconnect PayPal in your admin to continue to accept PayPal payments in your shop. Don’t worry! We’ll be reaching out with more details to make sure everyone is ready for this update.

Providing our shops with the most advanced technologies out there is important to us. It allows us to integrate with other services more efficiently and just build better features. With that in mind, it’s time to polish up our PayPal integration and make the switch to the PayPal Commerce Platform.

For shops using PayPal Express

PayPal Express is our current PayPal integration and the update is minimal, if not completely unnoticeable. You’ll simply reconnect PayPal in your admin and your shop will be updated. All of the same PayPal features will be available to your customers including guest checkout for those customers who want to pay with a card, reliable first-come-first-serve checkout experience, Venmo and PayPal Credit options, and the transaction fees are the same.🙌

For shops using PayPal Standard

PayPal Standard was one of PayPal’s very first payment APIs which relies on PayPal’s IPN (Instant Payment Notification) system. It’s dated and just not the most secure. Updating to PayPal Commerce Platform means your shop will be updated to PayPal’s most advanced technologies, tools, and services for the same transaction fees.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • PayPal Commerce Platform requires that you have a verified Business account to be able to accept payments. Click here to check if your account is verified, and upgrade your PayPal account to a Business account if it isn’t already.
  • If you’re using the PayPal sales tax and shipping setup, that’ll be disabled with the PayPal Commerce switch and will need to be done through the Big Cartel admin.

There’s more on charging shipping in the admin here. And we’re currently working on improvements to our shipping settings!

For tax, we’ve got you covered. Based on the changing laws around how U.S. states are handling online sales tax, Big Cartel will be automatically calculating, collecting and remitting sales tax on behalf of sellers in the U.S. More on that here.

For international shops, you can find more on charging tax from your Big Cartel admin here.

Here are some other notable changes:

  • Better for high volume sales - no delays from PayPal Standard means a reliable first-come-first-serve checkout experience. No more accidental overselling due to IPN delays.
  • Stripe - when you switch from PayPal Standard you’ll also be able to accept credit card payments via Stripe directly from the checkout page. And accept Apple Pay payments directly from your product pages.
  • Venmo & PayPal Credit - customers can also pay you using Venmo - the popular social payments app used by millions of people - or buy now and pay later with PayPal Credit.

Making the switch

To make the switch to the integration, you just need to reconnect PayPal in your Big Cartel admin. It’s quick, we promise!

  1. Log in at
  2. Go to .
  3. Scroll down to the Get Paid section.
  4. Click Set up your payment options.
  5. Select the Switch Now option underneath Switch to new PayPal and complete the setup process on PayPal’s end.

If you’re seeing a notification in your Big Cartel admin that your PayPal account isn’t ready for selling, don’t stress! We have some troubleshooting steps here.

Need a hand?

Again, we’ll be reaching out to everyone over the next few weeks with more details on this update. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, or need help with anything at all, just contact our Support team and we’ll help you out.

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