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Give your shop a unique home on the internet with a totally custom domain, like instead of Custom domains can help take your brand to the next level and make it even easier for buyers to find you online.

Whether you need to register a domain or you’ve got one already, we’ve made it easy to get things set up.

A note on nameservers: You may see this term come up via your custom domain provider. Make sure to use your custom domain provider’s own default namservers for domain hosting. They’ll host your domain, while we host your shop. The redirects we recommend will allow your shop to display at your custom URL. Still stuck? Contact us for more help!

A note on IP addresses: We don’t support A records, which use our IP address, because we can’t guarantee our IP address won’t change. If it does change, then your domain forwarding will break without warning. Stick with our instructions for setting up a CNAME and 301 redirect instead, and you’ll be good to go!

Need a domain?

Register a new domain the easy way using Google Domains in your admin.

If you’re in a country where Google Domains isn’t available, we recommend Hover or iwantmyname.

Already have a domain?

Find setup instructions based on your provider here.

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