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Curious about which products in your shop are the most popular? We’ve taken all-time product stats to the next level by breaking down how many times they’ve been viewed, sold, and for how much revenue. This info helps you decide which products to restock, and areas where you may even be able to expand your line.

If you’ve accepted orders in your shop from more than one currency - for example, if you started selling in £ but then changed over to $ - your Dashboard will only display sales in the currency you currently have selected in Settings.


  1. Head to the Dashboard section of your admin.
  2. Click Views, Sold, or Revenue to sort stats in descending order.
  3. Click the Show More buttons to expand the list and display more of your products or categories.

Sorry, right now this can only be done on Desktop and iOS.

  1. Launch the Big Cartel app.
  2. Tap the Dashboard icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Under the Products and Categories headings, tap to sort by number of views, quantity sold or total revenue.
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